Corrigé thème DL

mercredi 6 novembre 2019, par Franck LE FLOCH

He had lived in the building (for) longer than anyone else. Longer than Gratiolet, whose family had once owned the whole house, but who came to live there only during the war a few years before he inherited / inheriting what was left of it, four or five flats he had gotten rid of on by one / one after the other. Longer than Madame Marquiseaux, whose parents already possessed / owned / had the flat and who was almost born there, while he had been living there for almost 30 years already. Longer than the Beaumonts, the Macias, and even longer than Bartlebooth. He remembered the day, back in 1929, when the young man – for he was a young man back then, he was under 30 / he was not even 30 / he was not 30 yet – had told him at the end of his daily painting lesson :
“By the way, I’ve heard the large flat on the third floor is free / vacant. I think I’m going to buy it. I will lose / waste less time coming to see you.”
And he had bought it, that very day, without negotiating / arguing over the price, of course.
At that time, Valène, (at that time,) had been living there for ten years already. He had rented his room one day in October 1919, (as) he was coming from Etampes, his home town, which he had hardly ever left / which he had almost never left before, to come and join the Beaux-Arts / to enroll at the Fine Arts. It was supposed to be only a temporary accommodation / lodging a friend of his family provided him to help him out.

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